EUR/AUD Likely to Turn Bearish Amid Forecast of Improving Housing Market in Australia

On Monday at GMT 8:00 a.m., the European Central Bank released the year-over-year M3 money supply figure. It measures the changes in the total quantity of issues currency in the greater Europe. The M3 consists of all hard currency in circulation as well as the bank deposits, including in the central bank.

AUD/CAD Breaks Below Uptrend Line Amid Forecast of Slowing Inflation in Australia

On Tuesday 23,  the Statistics Canada has released the month-over-month wholesale sales data. It measures the changes in the total value of sales. The change is made by the wholesale sector in Canada over the past month.

GBP/AUD Prepares to Test 1.8340 Amid Forecast of Increasing Inflation in the UK

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AUD/CHF Eyes Key Resistance Despite Bearish Forecast of Declining Home Loans in Australia

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